Wildlife Conservation and Research Program

Enforcement Officers Sensitized
on wildlife crime and wildlife conservation

Arrests of Wildlife Traders and Poachers
due to WCN's effective information sharing from communities

Successful Projects
on Wildlife Conservation

Wildlife conservation is one of the most important components of the organization, as they ensure life on earth. Due to continuous pressure from human population Nepal's outstanding biodiversity today needs urgent attention and calls for action. WCN believes in the conservation of wildlife in its natural habitat beyond national parks. It focuses on areas with high priority for biodiversity in all possible areas like mountains, wetlands, parks, open areas, forests, urban settings to name a few.

Since its establishment, WCN has been continuously working for improving awareness through publications and field level programs, advocacy for policy development based on science-based research, and strengthening the capacity of stakeholders.

WCN believes in - "A species protected is a heritage maintained".

Sub Programs

I. Species Conservation

Wildlife Conservation Nepal (WCN) believes in conducting effective field level projects that may be critical in the changing environment. WCN focuses on wildlife conservation beyond national park borders. From superlative species to lesser known species, WCN has effectively operated field level researches and disseminated data and information. 

I. Species Conservation
1. Species-Level Research

Through the Species Conservation sub-program, WCN is actively...

2. Wildlife Crime Control

WCN focuses on wildlife conservation in its...

3. Capacity Building

Capacity building program mainly focused on young...

II. Habitat Conservation

Wildlife Conservation Nepal (WCN) prioritizes on protecting, conserving and/or restoring wildlife habitats from huge ecological landscapes of protected areas to our cities and city suburbs in collaboration with local communities so that the ecological balance is maintained and humans also benefit from such spaces of cohabitation.

II. Habitat Conservation
1. Habitat-Level Research

WCN has conducted several science-based researches of...

2. Habitat Management and Restoration

Today, many habitats are in danger especially...

3. Urban Wildlife Program

WCN’s Urban Wildlife Program (UWP) is focused...

III. Community Engagement

Through its various sub programs on outdoor education, school and community focused programs, Wildlife Conservation Nepal (WCN) is actively involved in generating awareness at the local level for wildlife conservation and at the same time initiates activities that promote conservation.

III. Community Engagement
1. Awareness Programs

WCN has been conducting different Awareness Programs...

2. Alternative Livelihood

WCN focusses on the significant impact that...

3. Human-Wildlife Conflict Management

WCN has been  mitigating Human-Wildlife Conflict (HWC)...

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