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Education is an essential component of environment conservation. Nepal Prakriti Pathshala /NPP (Nepal Nature School) is an environmental education program of Wildlife Conservation Nepal (WCN) aimed to contribute to higher awareness and behavioral change towards responsible natural resource use in Nepal by promoting a more hands-on Environmental Education (EE) in schools.

WCN has built a unique presence in the Nepali education sector as a leader in Interactive Environmental Education in the country through NPP's several initiatives. NPP focuses on bridging gaps between plans and implementation in the Environmental Education (EE) system of Nepal while advocating interactive methodologies and pedagogy for effective EE.

Since 2002, WCN has been working extensively to improve the quality of Environmental Education for children in line with its mission is to involve local communities, civil societies, scientific communities and conservationists in environment protection and sustainable use of natural resources so that the benefits accrued from sustainable livelihoods and safe environment reaches the grass root level.

NPP Team also conducts sensitization classes on biodiversity, climate change, natural resource management and sustainable development to varied institutions of civil society and governmental organizations like community forest committees, judiciary bodies, enforcement agencies like the Nepal Army, Nepal Armed Police Force, Nepal Police to name a few. NPP works with its highly dedicated and competent team of Nature Interpreters and Volunteers who travel through Nepal in mobile nature school to promote interactive EE and instigate interest among local communities in conservation at local level. NPP uses different mediums for advocating environmental protection as well such as nature photography, art, music, movie and radio.

WCN's IEE program has reached to 40 of the 77 districts in Nepal. Its Eco-Teacher Network has also spread across all these districts with more than 1700 membership.

NPP is run in collaboration with partners like Danish Forestry Extension, the Government of Nepal, Municipalities and Schools. In addition, it has made alliances with several leading national and international organizations to work on EE and environmental protection.

Environmental Education Program

Sub Programs

School Program
School Program

Eco-Smart Certification Program
Green School Program (GSP)
WCN Food Program Specialized Environmental Education...

Curriculum on Environment and Wildlife
Curriculum on Environment and Wildlife

WCN works with the Government of Nepal, different non-governmental organizations and international organizations to develop a timely and modern Curriculum of the 21st century on Environment.

Teachers Training and National Eco-Teacher Network
Teachers Training and National Eco-Teacher Network

NPP in collaboration with DFE and the Government, has been actively working in the formal education system supporting the development of the professional capacity of teachers to better impart EE in Nepali schools.

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