Nepal Biodiversity Card Game

This summer if you are thinking about indoor games then gather around with your children and family members and lets play Phylogames.  Here is  Wildlife Conservation Nepal’s card game on Phylogames on Nepal’s Biodiversity. This card game is a collaboration of WCN and the Advanced Molecular Biology Laboratory (AMBL) at the Michael Smith Laboratories, University of British Columbia.

The Card Game is based on the trading card game, Phylo, that makes use of the wonderful, complex, and inspiring things that inform the notion of biodiversity.

WCN together with AMBL at UBC's Michael Smith Laboratories, led by Dave Ng, collaborated with local artists of Nepal, Mr. Pramit Dhakal and Ms. Nandita Chettri and designers to create a deck focused on the biodiversity of Nepal. 

You can print your own version for free here.

Instructions to Play Phylogames available on https://phylogame.org/game-play/

For any queries on the card game please contact WCN !

© Wildlife Conservation Nepal . Developed by Eleven Pixels.

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Icon: Prakriti and Punte
Nepal Prakriti Pathshala