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Wildlife Conservation Nepal, WCN, a non-governmental organization registered with the Government of Nepal, is a not for profit organization. It was established in 2002 with a vision to protect and conserve natural heritage and disseminate information on environment and wildlife issues.

WCN supports government agencies to protect wildlife beyond protected areas, help in the developmental aspect of conservation and through its professional team help the Government of Nepal to carry out different impact assessment studies on natural resources and ecological areas that are of importance.


WCN aims to support biodiversity conservation by promoting, advocating, building awareness and safeguarding natural resources through policies, research , capacity building and studies that relate to impact of projects on natural resources prior to the initiation of the projects.

WCN promotes conservation and environment activities by bringing different stakeholders – judicial bodies, Nepal Administrative Staff College, Nepal Police, line agencies and conservation partners through seminars, workshops and trainings including in policy development.

A Species Protected is a heritage maintained.



  • Establishment of WCN,
  • Curbing of Illegal Wildlife Trade Program Launched
  • Initiation of ECAP-an Outdoor environment education program in schools at WCN
  • Initiation of Urban Wildlife Program at WCN
  • Initiation of Youth Environment Program at WCN


  • Developed first Wildlife Crime Database in Nepal
  • Initiated silent patrolling in potential poaching areas with use of bicycles
  • Launched First Wildlife Awareness Campaign Encompassing religion and wildlife protection through monasteries and Rimpoches
  • Wildlife Pillar in CIB Nepal Police established
  • Collaboration with Judiciary body of Nepal on illegal wildlife trade
  • Nepal Prakriti Pathshala, An interactive Environment Education Program launched in collaboration with DFE and the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology


  • National Framework on Local Curriculum for Nepal developed with CDC
  • Collaboration with Nepal Army's Directorate of Forest and Environment
  • Launch of Community Forestry Program to combat Climate Change through green entrepreneurship in three geographical regions of Nepal
  • Launched Disaster Action Program in three districts of Nepal


  • Syllabus to Nepal Armed Police Force on wildlife protection developed
  • Involved National Judicial Academy in disseminating wildlife crime and routes
  • Youth for Smart Solution: First and Second series with 100 young scientists organized in collaboration with Department of Environment, AEPC and CEHRD along with many other partners
  • National level Teachers training with IEE and LC conducted in five development regions with Government
  • Launch of Five year Five Star Certification Program in WCN/NPP Eco Smart Member Schools
  • Adoption of Eco Smart School Principles in Government's Green School Program based on the Green School Directive 2075
  • Local Curriculum mainstreamed in the federal system
  • Regional Community Forest based women led green enterprise model developed in Nawalparasi district

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