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WCN welcomes individuals from all walks of life with passion for nature to work with us in our mission to safeguard the natural heritage of Nepal. WCN believes in advancing knowledge and innovation through collaboration and network building. WCN does not discriminate people who want to volunteer on their educational background, sexual orientation, religion and political beliefs but base our faith on willingness to volunteer precious mindful time and energy in service of nature. We believe in growing this community of people who care to protect the environment, conserve biodiversity, promote sustainable development and practice circular economy every day.

WCN accepts volunteers from all over the world provided they have a legal status in Nepal.

WCN offers three types of Volunteer Opportunities 

  • WCN Green Volunteers
    Age 16- 25

    This is specially focused on providing the youth with opportunities to strengthen their connection with nature, build professional experience  by volunteering in various activities in line with the programs of WCN.

    This is a great platform for youth from diverse backgrounds and countries to meet and network and find innovative ideas for collaboration, advocacy, and solution for climate problems.

    The Green Volunteer Program requires individuals to contribute at least six months of active engagement.

  • WCN Silver Volunteers
    Age 26 onwards

    WCN Silver Volunteers are those individuals who are career professionals and or retired professionals who have the zeal, expertise and interest to take out time to contribute actively to nature conservation through WCN. We welcome such bright minds and giving hearts to work with us on our various aspects of work, giving us the extra pair of hands and support. 

  • WCN Gold Volunteers
    WCN Gold Volunteers are "offered only" positions to individuals who have long standing association with WCN. This association signifies how such individuals have helped WCN in a unique way in building its foundation, shape its body of work and strengthen its mission for a secure environment for all with their generous time, resources and expertise, outside the scope of the Board of WCN.

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