Public Engagement for Green Lifestyles

Public awareness plays a significant role in engaging the common man in mainstream conservation and to secure healthy environment for all. Therefore, WCN is prioritizing public engagement and outreach for sustainable and greener lifestyles by focusing on using varied tools like art, nature photography, radio, movies, wide tree plantation in public spaces in order to bring people from different background and from different age to a common platform.

This is focused in empowering the youth and community through innovative programs and activities that instigates interest in conservation and environment protection and mobilizes them to pursue knowledge and practices that can lead to more environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible decisions and lifestyles. It also focuses on galvanizing action through promotion of citizen science and public private partnerships.

WCN encourages and involves youth from various educational background in its activities through volunteer recruitment program. Youth are the pillars of WCN activities. WCN has been developing and testing innovative and mobile concept contributing to the urban as well as rural youth of Nepal's understanding the importance of conservation of the natural heritage of Nepal inside and outside protected areas and to promote natural resource management, influencing as well their families as local society in general.

Sub Programs

Nature and Wildlife Photography Program
Nature and Wildlife Photography Program

Nature and Wildlife Photography has been a major part of WCN, for we believe photography can be a powerful advocacy tool for nature conservation.

Public Private Partnership for Green Spaces
Public Private Partnership for Green Spaces

Open and green spaces are very important to human lives. Although its importance in cities, towns are more essential because urbanization usually occurs at the cost of these green spaces.

Citizen Science for Conservation
Citizen Science for Conservation

WCN Citizen Science for conservation is a program designed to create platforms for young and amateur scientists to come together, creating a collective civic community for science through volunteer monitoring, or online citizen portals led by professional scientists and professionals to establish data on different pertinent issues of our landscapes.

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