Art Life

Art is a window to see the world around us. It gives us a medium to express our feelings, emotions, state of affairs in society and also marvel at both beauty and problems in our world. It depicts life and can touch people at human level, beyond borders, backgrounds and timeline.

Thus Art has been an exclusive medium of communication for WCN to connect with children and the public on pertinent issues of the environment and also to magnify the beauty of nature. WCN particularly regards the role of women paramount in maintaining ecological and economic balance in the world with roles of vanguards of conservation and nurturers. Since 2002, WCN has been working with artisans, craftsmen and organizations on numerous projects to promote nature conservation through art- be it through illustrations to depict state of the environment, pictorial books for children and teachers and scientific drawing collection.

WCN also holds Art competitions, workshops and exhibitions to create awareness programs through art. More than anything WCN prefers to work on varied mediums to bring people from different backgrounds and age groups to a common platform to understand nature connect. Therefore, through ARTFLIFE, WCN reaches out to people for this common connect.

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Icon: Prakriti and Punte
Nepal Prakriti Pathshala