3. Green and Open Spaces

May 13, 2021

WCN's program for green spaces promotes places of recreation in cities, towns and suburbs. WCN advocates for these spaces as they provide a multitude of benefits to human populations, and also provide sanctuaries and vital habitat for urban wildlife - for mammals, birds, insects and seeds to survive which in turn maintains natural balance and ecosystem services. WCN partners with different institutions public and private to promote Green spaces in different areas in developing small community and public parks, community gardens, urban and community forests

WCN believes green open spaces provide the needed place of gathering and recreational space for people of different walks of life –where people can build a sense of community, enhance their physical health and mental wellbeing as well as create a safe place for children to play.

"ONE MILLION TREES - Let's grow a forest"
You can join hands with WCN to grow forests in Nepal.
Plant trees for your special occasions. DO YOUR BIT !

We are working with 20 community forests and till now we have planted 300000 multipurpose trees. 700000 more to go to reach our goal.

You can do your bit by adopting trees and growing them!! ????????
???? Individual Adoption - atleast 5
???? Organizational Adoption - atleast 100
???? Corporate Adoption - atleast 500

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