1. Eco Centre for Training

May 11, 2021

WCN's Eco Centre has developed Methodologies for Interactive Environment Education Program (IEEP)

The IEPP aims to connect children of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities with nature to enhance quality of life and to spark an interest in preserving nature for future generations. The IEPP has developed interactive, activity-based learning modules on five themes carefully selected to include urban and locale specific environmental issues. The five themes are:

  •  Biodiversity (plants and animals)

  • Water

  •  Soil and food

  •  Waste

  • Energy

The IEEP is rooted in WCN NPP’s core value of imparting hands-on Environmental Education using the four cornerstones: Entry point, Knowledge harvest, Big idea and Exit point, that IEEP has developed through its years of experience with working with children of all age groups as well as adults.

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