3. Green Home Program

January 03, 2020

Green home concept for school children is an extension of eco smart school certification program of WCN and GREEN SCHOOL PROGRAM of the Government of Nepal (facilitated by WCN’s NPP for the government) . This is Violet Star” hands on program, which covers the different four themes i.e. waste management, greenery promotion, water management and energy consciousness. This program is especially designed for school-children of grade 3 to 8 (8-13 years). Due to the pandemic Nepal Prakriti Pathshala (NPP) is offering online classes as an alternative to face to face learning of eco smart school and green school program while promoting home based learning. There will be interactive lesson plans complimented by some hands-on learning activities through which students can be actively engaged and learn about the environment and nature in a fun way.

If you want to bring this program to your school or learn more please contact us at mail@wcn.org.np or +977 01-4375460 or +977 01-4375267. 


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