Every year WCN announces nationwide Art Competition for the students of Nepal based on various themes such as Nature Love and The Goodness and Wellness Nature Brings. Art is one of the most important and therapeutic forms of expression and through art competitions WCN aims to develop and enhance children’s learning and creativity skills. Artworks can be in any technique- Watercolor, Poster, Acrylic or Oil. It can be abstract, pencil/ charcoal sketches, fine art, pauba style, or can be in any style- Western or Eastern Art styles. The artworks submitted for the competitions are judged on the basis of Creativity; Message clarity and Composition. Best artworks are selected by professional artists and are awarded.

Art 25: Live Painting Competition

Art Competition and Virtual Exhibition for Students 2020 (Theme - "Nature Love")

Art Competition and Virtual Exhibition for Students 2021 (Theme - "The Goodness and Wellness Nature Brings")

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Nepal Prakriti Pathshala