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WCN advocates the philosophy of a species protected is a heritage maintained. It is a non-governmental organization that supports government agencies to protect wildlife beyond protected areas, help in the developmental aspect of conservation and through its professional team help the Government of Nepal to carry out different impact assessment studies on natural resource an ecological areas that are of importance

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Environmental Education Program - Nepal Prakriti Pathshala

About Nature School

Nepal Prakriti Patshala (NPP) is an environmental education program of Wildlife Conservation Nepal (WCN) aimed to contribute to higher awareness and behavioral change towards responsible natural resource use in Nepal by promoting a more hands-on Environmental Education (EE) in schools. Since 2002, WCN has been working extensively to improve the quality of Environmental Education for children in line with its mission is to involve local communities, civil societies, scientific communities and conservationists in environment protection and sustainable use of natural resources so that the benefits accured from sustainable livihoods and safe environment reaches the grass root level.