Habitat Conservation

 Habitat Management and Restoration
Today, many habitats are in danger especially outside Protected Areas, of being damaged or disappearing due to several factors, such as global climate change, natural disasters, illegal logging, invasion of alien species, clearing of land for development, illegal encroachment for settlement, etc.

WCN has been working in habitat management and restoration through community participation. WCN has been working with community forest user groups of different districts to restore degraded forest areas to ensure the conservation of wildlife habitat while fulfilling local needs. WCN has also constructed waterholes in the migratory route of elephants in eastern Nepal. Besides this WCN has worked on the significance of corridors in effective  conservation , especially in west Nepal.

WCN prioritizes wetlands conservation as they are one of the most important biodiversity conduit and resource for local people.  Through education, research and restoration activities local people are engaged  in their conservation.

Karnali Corridor                                                                                        Kamdi Corridor

Urban Wildlife Program
WCN’s Urban Wildlife Program (UWP) is focused on protecting, conserving, and/or restoring remaining wildlife habitats in our cities and city suburbs in collaboration with local communities so that the ecological balance is maintained and we also benefit from such spaces of cohabitation. Urban wildlife programs can support habitat connectivity within ecological landscapes and serve as a refuge for species impacted by urbanization.
Since 2005, WCN's UWP has been working on research and conservation projects on species like leopards, sparrows, and frogs in and around urban centers. WCN also advocates prioritization and promotion of biodiversity that exist in our backyards.

Habitat Conservation

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