Green Enterprises and Entrepreneurship

Nature is an important resource of water, energy and biodiversity. We are dependent on nature for various forests and agricultural products, minerals and for cultural and aesthetic values. With increasing industrial revolution and urbanization, our nature is susceptible to pollution, biodiversity loss and natural disaster. Poverty is widespread. It is essential that proper natural resource management and economic development are integrated. But environmental protection and biodiversity conservation are always given a low priority.

With the rapid increase in the effects of climate change and high level of pollution it is time that one prioritizes green economy. The UN clearly emphasizes on (a) Green economy for sustainable development and poverty eradication and (b) institutional framework for sustainable development in order to maintain economic growth and to enhance social inclusion and gender equality.

Even though green economy looks ambitious there are initiatives where sustainable management of forest resources involving local communities has proven to be successful where value chains and groups/cooperatives has been developed. Knowledge on new and appropriate technology, finance and capacity needs to be addressed. The community owned forest management in Nepal is globally accepted for its effort in protecting the forest of Nepal and in securing tenure rights but its contribution to economic development still remains inadequate.

WCN is actively involved in enhancing the capacity of rural communities to respond to climate change by implementing mitigation and adaptation measures while developing green entrepreneurship. This has helped in advocating green growth strategies that supports in improving resource use and its efficiency while reducing poverty and promoting social inclusion.

Green Enterprises and Entrepreneurship

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