2. Climate Smart Communities

May 12, 2021

Climate Smart communities is a program by WCN that is developed to build smart communities who are well aware of climate change and its impacts. Awareness through posters, videos and interactive hands on workshops, policy level discourse is an effective medium which WCN has adopted. As a result of which WCN is able to generate awareness on climate change and its adversities and increase climate literacy in rural and urban settings of Nepal.

WCN also partners with different stakeholders to design and implement energy efficient green technologies. WCN’s prime focus is on promotion of cost effective renewable and efficient energy support in economic growth, secures clean air, maintains forest and is environmentally sustainable. For the past years WCN is promoting sensitization of the local community on the significant impact of clean energy and installation of Improved Cooking Stoves, Biogas and rain water harvesting in across Nepal.   

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