Strengthening Education through Local Curriculum in Chitwan District

WCN/NPP | March 17, 2021

Strengthening Education through Local Curriculum in Chitwan DistrictToday, in Nepal, local curriculum is a perfect example of decentralizing education policy in new context of federal system and it has provided opportunity to connect students, teachers, local expert and policy makers to create effective teaching learning environment. The local curriculum will help students engage with the local knowledge and values. WCN since 2008 has been involved in the promotion of local curriculum development and its implementation. The first local curriculum in collaboration with WCN was launched in Rasuwa and Chitwan.

As the schools revive back adhering to all the precautions of COVID, the Bharatpur Metropolitan City and four municipalities (Ratnanagar, Khairehani, Kalika, and Madi) of Chitwan district are all set for the implementation of new, and revised local curriculum (LC). The curriculum developed in collaboration with WCN will reach out to more than 400 schools (approximately 37000 students) in Chitwan district.  The local curriculum developed is included as a compulsory subject which covers 100 full marks in their final evaluation. The National framework on Education (2076) has made it mandatory to have local curriculum in each school from Grade 1 to 8.  

The developed local curriculum is unique and responsive to the priorities and issues of the local community. The curriculum comprises of all the elements of local surrounding which covers culture, geography, environment, agriculture, sports, moral science, history, occupation, business and economic activities, and disaster management.


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