KMC Signs MOU With WCN

January 30, 2023

KMC Signs MOU With WCN Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) joins hands with Wildlife Conservation Nepal (WCN) for protecting the school environment of Kathmandu valley on November 23, 2022, in the presence of education advisors. KMC and WCN are in relation to conducting the Environmental Protection Program in schools under the Kathmandu Metropolitan City.

From this joint collaboration, KMC and WCN will be involved in the creation and implementation of plans for environmental protection and monitoring and evaluating the school program regarding environmental protection, provide coordination, orientation training, and basic materials to the people’s representatives of KMC, the local education and environment department, school principals, teachers and students, and the local community to build a model green school, provide orientation regarding the construction of green schools to the schools under KMC and assist in the implementation of the local curriculum, facilitate the creation and operation of ECO Clubs in schools to conduct environmental protection activities in schools, and prepare an annual action plan for environmental education, disaster risk management, water management and sanitation, climate change mitigation, sustainable development, nutrition, and conservation programs to be conducted in schools under KMC to raise financial and technical resources.

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