Croaking Monsoon 2021- Orientation Program

June 05, 2021

In the celebration of World Environment Day 2021, WCN together with its partners CARON, ENPROSC and Goldengate International College organized Croaking Monsoon 2021- Orientation Program. Inthe program, the eminent experts presented their view on herpetofauna and its importance, nature connect, environmental education and citizen science, conservation and citizen science, and citizen science for Nepal's frogs - context, potential and challanges. About 100 participants joined the orientation program through virtual platform. In addition, past volunteers and province representatives shared their experiences of being part of Croaking Monsoon program. 

Citizen Science and its benefits has been gaining lot of popularity since the very beginning and has evolved throughout the decades. Encouraging general public to engage themselves in scientific research activities and contribute to the society with best interests, citizen science has flourished globally. In recent years, citizen science projects are focused more on scientifically possible practices and education. Individual, teams of group of volunteers often play role of citizen scientists under the direction of professional science practitioners, researchers or scientific institutions. Various applications has been created with the help of advanced technology where one can collect their experimental research data and information related to citizen science activity. Citizen science is a broader platform that empowers students and public, and guide them to actively contribute to science and environment with their intellectuality to achieve common goals.

WCN’s Citizen Science Program is one of the long-term programs started in 2013 to engage citizens and Graduate and Undergraduate students in conservation. WCN has been successfully conducting Croaking Monsoon since 2013, a Citizen Science Survey to Explore Ponds and Frogs of Kathmandu Valley in collaboration with its partners CARON, ENPROSC and Goldengate International College.

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