Reforestation 2020

Event Date: September 30, 2020

A total of 16500 multipurpose (fodder and fuel) species were planted in Kantheswari Buffer Zone Community Forest (KBZCF) and Devisthan Community forest (DCF) in Khairhani Municipality Chitwan in September 2020. A total of 16.5 ha (6 ha in Devisthan CF and 10.5 ha in Kantheswari BZ CF) of community forests were restored with ecologically and economically important native species such as Khayer (Acacia catechu), Bamboos Species, Amala (Phyllanthus emblica), Tejpat (Cinnamomum tamala), Bead-tree (Melia azedarach). The main purpose of the reforestation was to create a suitable habitat for wild fauna and provide ecological and economic benefits to the forests and its users. The reforestation was conducted following all the COVID precautionary measures prescribed by Nepal Government. Only 20 individuals were allowed at one time for the plantation and were provided with COVID essential care kit comprising of a mask, soap and sanitizer. The reforestation was conducted in collaboration with the respective Community forests and with the support provided by WWF EFN Reforestation Grant.

Venue: Chitwan

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Nepal Prakriti Pathshala