Rebuilding the heart of Gatlang Village

Event Date: April 27, 2015

Gatlang Village, popularly known as the Black Village, tucked away in the mountains of Langtang region, rasuwa has been one of the focus areas of WCN response and rebuilding after the earthquake in April 2015. Prior to the earthquake, WCN was collaborating with the local community forests, school and the villagers there to build sustainable green enterprises for livelihood. However the village suffered great loss during the earthquake of April 2015.Based on the rapid assessment report made by WCN with the support from SOS Malta, WCN prioritized rebuilding of the two community centers in collaboration with Rapid Recovery Program of UNDP and local community of Gatlang. Two user groups have been formed and registered at local government level to carry out the construction with the technical support provided by UNDP. Through the community centers WCN will help support the local communities to build back their lives post earthquake. It will used as platforms for livelihood and skill building trainings not only by WCN but also by other organizations. WCN will also help develop a Disaster Risk Management plan for Gatlang village. The centers will be developed into a response center in case of future natural disasters. 

WCN would like to thank all the generous supporters who have supported long term building strategies of WCN's new program Nepal Recovery Smart Program through WCN Earthquake Relief Fund. As a token of heartfelt appreciation from WCN and people of Gatlang a memorabilia will be made with all the names of the supporters on the newly constructed community centers. In this regard WCN would lilke to extend special thanks to Ms. Parul Shrestha Shrestha and friends, Pat Shannon Jones and Friends, Srijana Mukhiya, NDRA and Ms,Rajana, Mr. Edwin Koo, Suraj Ratna Shakya and thier When the Mountains Call" exhibition in Singapore 2015 for their most generous financial support. WCN is appealing once more on behalf of the people of Gatlang to be more generous as we do not have enough funds to complete the construction with final finesse.We also thank SOS Malta the support to go to Gatlang to make a monitoring trip.

Venue: Gatlang, Rasuwa

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