Orientation on Green School Concept at Shankharapur Municipality, Nepal

Event Date: April 15, 2021

Shankharapur Municipality identified seven different community schools which will be developed as a model Green School and will implement activities based on the Green School concept brought in by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MoEST), Nepal. WCN in collaboration with Shankharapur Municipality organized a two days orientation training program on the concept of green school and its activities for the selected schools in April 2021. Experts on agriculture, school gardening, and green school shared their views and educated the schools on linking green school activities with economic wellbeing and incorporation of activities with school curriculum.

The training was attended by the Mayor, Vice Mayor, Education Department head, Agriculture
Department of Shankharapur Municipality and teachers, students and principals of the 7 schools.
Through this training the schools were able to understand the concept, different components of green school and its significance. The orientation helped the schools to figure out how various activities could be connected to different subjects such as Local Curriculum, Environmental Education, Science, Social Studies and even Math and English.

As a result of the orientation training the schools has prepared a long-term plan (Plan of Action) for horticulture, flower gardening, vegetable farming, medicinal herbs farming, fruit plantation, green fencing, waste management and water management for their schools.

The schools will be responsible to implement activities in their schools with the technical and financial support from municipality office and WCN/NPP.

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