One Million Tree Plantation, Banke District

Event Date: June 28, 2022

ONE MILLION TREE campaign started for 2022 in Banke District.
This project is designed to increase the resilience and sustainability of the community forests of Nepal to combat Climate Change.

Wildlife Conservation Nepal planted a total of 11,070 multipurpose trees in the community forest of Rara Rani/ Rara Madhu Samudahik Buffer Zone of Banke District on 28th June 2022, with the aim of creating suitable habitat for wild fauna, combating climate change, providing a valuable natural resource to the local people, and enabling the forest to become economically viable and rich in biodiversity. There were in total 26 different multipurpose tree species including Bans, Sisso, Harro, Barro, Mahuwa, Amala, Bet, Jamun, Khayar, Kabro, Amrisso, Sissam, Bel, Bakaino, Siris, Gulmohar, Bottle Brush, Swami, Asare, Dhupi, Tikuma, Singapure, Indrakamal, Ghanti Ful, and Rangbadali.

We want to express our deep gratitude to our partners EFN and individual adopters for helping to make this plantation initiative possible.
One MILLION Tree campaign is a part of the Greenway Campaign. We have successfully planted more than 300000 trees and 700000 is more to go to reach our goal.

Some glimpse of the plantation:


Venue: Banke District

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