High Altitude Wetland Inventory

Event Date: June 7, 2017

WCN initiated a high altitude wetland baseline study in Parbati Kunda in 2016. The wetland is located near Gatlang, Rasuwa which is a major water source for Gatlang Village. Recently WCN team members visited the lake area to study the seasonal changes and also to create awareness to the local community of Gatlang Village about the conservation of Parbati Kunda. The team also conducted classes to school students where they were taught about measuring biodiversity and water quality.

Jessie Moravek along with WCN team has been working in conducting the inventory for the past 10 months. Jessie Moravek is a 2016-17 Henry Luce Scholar from the United States. Jessie is also working on drinking water quality tests in Parvati Kunda and Gatlang village itself.
Venue: Gatlang, Rasuwa

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