Development Of Resource Handbook On Green Schools In Nepal

Event Date: July 29, 2020

On November 26, 2018 Center for Education and Human Resource Development / CEHRD (former Department of Education and National Center for Education Development) organized a workshop to develop the first Resource Handbook for schools based on the Green School Directive. The workshop was organized in collaboration with Nepal Prakriti Pathshala. On November 5, CEHRD launched the Green School Directive among all the stakeholders including NGOs and INGOs who have been working in the field of environmental education. Green School Directive (can be accessed at https://www.doe.gov.np/assets/uploads/files/d707f1cb35d87788f9080617c5a42520.pdf and https://www.doe.gov.np/assets/uploads/files/248a5f8a9e15c73bb27e7d5b26636b2b.pdf ) is focused on making all the schools of Nepal eco-friendly, eco-smart and establishing schools gardens, eco-clubs and setting up systems so that students can learn and practice life skills important for sustainable livelihoods. The directives also encourages the schools to promote schools as Living Laboratory, so that Community Schools can utilise their unused land resource where there is plenty and be innovative where there is land scarcity.

NPP is very happy to support the government along with relevant partners to make implementation plans and develop resources. The workshop was participated by many organization like IUCN Nepal, WWF Nepal, Department of Environment, National Agriculture Research Center, SENSE Nepal, schools and other relevant organizations.

NPP has been working a long time with the government at central and local level, making environmental education more interactive and hands-on. NPP is a collaborative environmental education program between WCN and Danish Forestry Extension, Denmark. The program has made successful projects over the last ten years on Local Curriculum, Teachers training packages, Eco-Smart School, Students outreach and more recently on School Garden as learning spaces. The School Garden program has been initiated with a new collaboration with a Danish not for profit organisation Haver til Maver (HTM). Haver til Maver means From Garden to Stomach. It is a leading organization of its kind in Denmark that works primarily to strengthen children and young people’s commitment to sustainability, food culture and health. In 2017, WCN team and NPP’s Eco-smart Circle Schools were trained by experts from HTM.


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