Croaking Monsoon 2021

Event Date: June 11, 2021

Croaking Monsoon is a collaborative project of the Environment Protection and Study Center (ENPROSC), Companions for Amphibians and Reptiles of Nepal (CARON), and Wildlife Conservation Nepal (WCN) to study frogs and their habitat by using the Citizen Science approach.

This year in 2021, the program expanded to cover the whole nation to develop a citizen science-based database of frogs. The main objectives of the program were to develop enthusiasm in the community towards the frog and build a nationwide network of citizen scientists, especially students interested to contribute for herpetology and frogs in particular.  A digital orientation organized on June 5, 2021, with an aim to build a network of citizen science to collect information on the distribution of frogs and their habitat in Nepal, had more than 50 participants representing the Province and District. The orientation program highlighted why Frogs are an important component of the ecosystem and the role of individuals to generate the information, focused on tips and tricks of mobile photography, and put forward Context, Challenges, and Way Forward on Citizen Science and Frogs.

Following the orientation program WCN/ENPROSC/CARON, create an online platform "Croaking Monsoon Representative" which has now more than 184 active members. The platform is active and widely used by the members to share about the different types of frogs found by members and various data and information regarding frogs.


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Nepal Prakriti Pathshala