Community Conversations "Kathmandu In Focus", Series - I Vol. 1

Event Date: April 22, 2022

Community conversations “Kathmandu In Focus” Series I kicked off with its first gathering celebrating World Earth Day 2022 at WCN office, Dhapasi height. With more than 30 individuals from across the valley participated in the event to share their views opinions, aspirations, and challenges of living in the valley at the present time.

The conversation was hosted by Ms. Sanjeevani Yonzon, Director, WCN and Humanitarian Welfare Expert Mr. Bimal Rawal. Ms.Yonzon shared the concept of the “Tragedy of the Commons” as a conversation starter which explored our collective roles in shaping the future of Kathmandu Valley, while Mr.  Rawal questioned if there is a sense of community in the Kathmandu Valley today- if yes then how can we create synergies to bring about desired changes and if not, what can be done to create such a sense of community.

The program featured Mr. Mani Lama – Legendary Photographer and a Resident of Kathmandu. Mr. Lama shared unseen photographs of Boudha Stupa and its pristine surroundings since the 1950s to date. The presentation revolved around getting a glimpse of what was, what is and what it can be for Kathmandu.

The Highlight of the discussion centered around the challenges of solid waste management and single-use plastics clearly indicating that it is one of the most burning issues of the valley. Community conversations is a discourse among residents of Kathmandu to come together to create community-driven changes.

The community conversations will be a weekly feature on the various problems and community-based solutions will be collated and presented to the community leaders and relevant government authorities for policy change or better implementation.


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