Camera Sika x Road to COP26 Climate Change Films Awards

Event Date: November 1, 2021

British Council Nepal launched an open call and invited young people to share their perspectives on climate change through the medium of documentary film in May 2021. Through Camera Sika X Road to COP26 Climate Change Film call, more than 50 films from across Nepal were received that explored a range of topics including climate change, pollution, rivers, and sustainable living. The jury panel consisted of representatives from partnering and supporting organizations Into Film, Nepali Film Development Board, UNICEF, WCN and IYMS have shortlisted 15 films. A trailer for the program was released on August 12, 2021. Five films selected through public voting were presented with the Camera Sika x Road to COP26 Climate Change Film award.

WCN is so proud to be part of this wonderful collaboration with the British Council, Unicef, and Nepal Film Board to encourage young student film makers to make movies on climate change with the Program Camera Sika 2021

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Nepal Prakriti Pathshala