Bhawishya 2076

Event Date: July 29, 2020

Wildlife Conservation Nepal (WCN) partnered with Karkhana for भविष्य STEAM Challenge 2076 on 27th Mangsir at Bhrikutimandap Park, Kathmandu. भविष्य STEAM Challenge, a time bound national event, is a platform for students from all over the nation to showcase their creativity as young minds to come up with problems solving innovation and develop their scientific skills focusing on STEAM that can tie up with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Total 103 teams of students participated in this event along with their teachers. Workshop for participating teachers and educational stalls were also one of the major highlights of this event, where WCN facilitated the workshop ‘Integrating Environment in STEAM’ with KU, UNESCO and NLA. Also, from WCN Subash Chandra Kharel, Rajeshwar Rijal and Rohan Shrestha aided as evaluators for the problems solving innovation created by the students.

Venue: Bhrikutimandap Park, Kathmandu

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Nepal Prakriti Pathshala