Conservation and Research

Through its various sub programs on outdoor education, school and community focused programs, WCN is actively involved in generating awareness at local level for wildlife conservation and at the same time initiate activities that promote conservation.

WCN believes in conducting effective field level projects that may be critical in the changing environment. WCN focuses on wildlife conservation beyond national park borders.

Today, local community has been accepted as stakeholders in the protection and conservation of protected areas including the buffer zone. Nepal has the strongest legislation in South Asia for protecting wildlife and stringent law where a person committing wildlife crime can be put behind bars for fifteen years including cash penalty that does not deter people from poaching endangered species. WCN is committed to control wildlife crime by educating people and bring a societal change through awareness programs, training and capacity building of enforcement agencies.

Habitat study and preservation and conservation of Lesser Known Animals is also a part of this program.


Conservation and Research

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