Forest Management

October 21, 2016

Forests are highly complex ecosystem and is influenced by various external factors. Forests comprises of diverse varieties of flora and fauna which plays important role in balancing the ecosystem. Forest gives various services to mankind which includes basic needs like oxygen and timber which are important for the survival of any living things in the world including humans and animals. Hence, It is now our duty, to manage forest resources in sustainable manner.

In Nepal 39.65 % of total land area is covered with forest. Nepal has vast geographic and vegetation variation ranging from frosty alpine to the rich tropical to semi-arid climate and vegetation. This extreme variation in geographical position, altitudinal and climatic variation is key to Nepal’s rich biodiversity. However, due to lack of proper management many of our valuable flora and fauna are in the risk of extinction.

Considering all these facts WCN Nepal has been working on sustainable management of forest by improving, restoring and protecting forest and simultaneously building capacity enhancing the livelihood of community depending on forest for their livelihood. Forest management is a way of using and caring for forests so as to maintain their environmental, social and economic values and benefits over time. WCN provides support in