Climate Action

August 19, 2014

Climate change is bound to affect millions of lives of different geographic regions of Nepal both socially and economically. WCN is working towards reducing the risks and effects of climate change by making proper adjustments in lifestyles across the country to implement adaptation and mitigation strategies. Encouraging Green Jobs and promoting the use of energy efficient tools at the household level is a strategy developed by WCN to build ways for the marginalized people to generate income while combating climate change.

WCN is currently involved in developing skill to adapt to and mitigate effects of climate change for a social, economically viable and environmentally resilient forest communities. WCN is working very closely with forest user group communities in Chitwan, Nawalparasi, Makwanpur and Rasuwa of Nepal and has been promoting agroforestry, afforestation and installation of energy efficient improved cooking stoves. WCN is also supporting communities in creating market linkages for various Non timber Forest products (NTFP) and high value perenial plants.

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