Information Sharing and Dissemination

May 18, 2012

There are three programs in information sharing and dissemination.

Information sharing and Advocacy Program

Information sharing is uncommon amongst different government departments and different line agencies, because of poor networking. WCN’s priority is to bridge that gap amongst different enforcement agencies and departments by disseminating valued information on conservation themes and sharing knowledge. It also conducts advocacy program informing people about different issues such as global warming, climate change, wildlife trade, etc.


WCN has a small mobile library to assist students to acquire information and knowledge on conservation and environment. WCN’s mobile library reaches students in rural places and we tend to reach even further rural areas in the future. Our target is to have a library in rural places where students have no access to any reading materials or internet, except text books.

Radio Program

WCN disseminates information on environmental policies, wildlife conservation, illegal trade, CITES, Protected Areas, etc. This has made an impact and as a result, requests are made to supply our broadcasted materials to schools and colleges.

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