Monitoring Illegal Wildlife Trade

August 19, 2014

In Nepal, there are conservation institutions contributing significantly towards biodiversity conservation, protection and maintaining the integrity of protected area system. Today, local community has been accepted as stakeholders in the protection and conservation of protected areas including the bufferzone. The modality of strict protection has been is however there was dearth in the actual protection field of surveillance of monitoring illegal wildlife trade. Today, due to poaching and illegal wildlife trade incidences of arrests and seizures indicate that wildlife crime is burgeoning. In such scenario, there was a need of an institution to support government agencies in providing intelligence on illegal wildlife trade activities. Wildlife Conservation Nepal (WCN), a national NGO came to fill this void. Nepal has the strongest legislation in South Asia for protecting wildlife and stringent law where a person committing wildlife crime can be put behind bars for fifteen years including cash penalty which does not deter people from poaching endangered species. 

To monitor illegal wildlife trade, WCN works at different levels.

a)    Monitor wildlife trade

b)    Share intelligence amongst enforcement agencies to be effective in controlling wildlife trade

c)    Capacity building of enforcement agencies

c)    Establish database on wildlife trade and crime.

Intelligence provided by WCN has led to many arrests of wildlife traders and poachers in different places in Nepal. WCN is committed to control wildlife crime by educating people and bring a societal change through awareness programs, intelligence sharing, along with training and capacity building of enforcement agencies. 

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