Awareness plays a significant role and is an essential component of environment conservation. WCN\'s knowledge program aims to aware people from different background and from different age through its various outdoor education program, school program and community based program.

Monitoring Illegal Wildlife Trade

WCN is one of the few NGO\'s that actively monitors trafficking of illegal wildlife species. WCN works at three levels to curb wildlife trade: Monitor wildlife trade, Share intelligence amongst enforcement agencies, Capacity Building of enforcement agencies and Establish database on wildlife trade.

Information Sharing and Dissemination

WCN has three programs that sensitizes communities on various issues about environment, wildlife and climate change. The programs that are used for information sharing and dissemination are: Information Sharing and Advocacy Program, Library and Radio Program.

Field Level

WCN believes in conducting effective field level projects critical in the changing environment. The three field level programs that are currently undergoing are: Urban Wildlife Program, Field Level Wildlife Crime Investigation and Wildlife Rescue.

 Livelihood Enhancement

WCN has been conducting livelihood enhancement programs for marginalized communities who live near protected areas so that the benefits reach out to the poorest segments of our society that depend upon protected areas for their livelihood.

Climate Action

WCN is working towards addressing issues of climate change, its adaptation and mitigation measures in four districts of Nepal (Makwanpur, Chitwan, Nawalparasi and Rasuwa) through forest user group involvement at the policy level.