Wildlife Conservation and Research Program

This program works at four levels -
i. Wildlife Conservation,
ii. Information and Intelligence,
iii. Conservation Research and
iv. Urban Wildlife Program

Through its various sub programs on outdoor education, school and community focussed programs, WCN is actively involved in generating awareness at local level for wildlife conservation and at the same time initiate activities that promote conservation.
WCN is one of the few NGO's that actively monitors trafficking of illegal wildlife species. In order to curb wildlife trade WCN facilitates in monitoring wildlife trade, share intelligence amongst enforcement agencies, build capacity of enforcement agencies. WCN is also working towards establishing a database on wildlife trade.
WCN believes in conducting effective field level projects critical in the changing environment.

sub programs

Habitat Study / Preservation

Endangered Animals

Lesser Known Animals


Urban Wildlife Program

Monitoring Illegal Wildlife Trade


Wildlife Crime Database

Capacity Building of Enforcement Officers