Nepal Prakriti Pathshala

Nepal Prakriti Pathshala (NPP) is an education program of WCN which focusses on promotion of environmental education and outdoor learning experience in schools. It raises awareness on environmental and natural resource issues, while instigating and motivating teachers, volunteers, organization leaders and students to be agents of change in the society.


Education on Disaster Risk Reduction

NPP is working towards organizing, collaborating  and  in creating a network with grassroots community based groups to reduce their vulnerability…


In rural areas, poor sanitation facility is the major reason for students’ dropouts from school especially female students when they…


Scholarships to students  has been initiated by NPP to support the children of the families who are deprived and who…

Local Curriculum Development

NPP facilitates and supports schools in developing  local curriculum focussed on their environment, culture and history.  

Mobile Library

WCN’s mobile library reaches students in rural places and we tend to reach even further rural areas in the future….

Teachers Training

WCN  conducts Teachers Training on Environmental Education and on developing Local Curriculum for the teachers from both public and private…

Eco Smart School

The Eco-Smart School Program is a certification program designed by WCN under NPP.  In order to be certified, the schools…