Climate, Natural Resource and Disaster Action

WCN is working towards addressing issues of climate change, its adaptation and mitigation measures in four districts of Nepal (Makwanpur, Chitwan, Nawalparasi and Rasuwa) through forest user group involvement at the policy level.

sub programs


Marginalized people who live near protected areas often face dire situation and some seek poaching, illegal wood cutting and timber smuggling as alternate livelihoods. To stop such illicit activities from spreading, WCN has envisaged programs for communities that are marginalized.

Climate Action

WCN is working towards reducing the risks and effects of climate change by making proper adjustments in lifestyles across the country to implement adaptation and mitigation strategies. Encouraging green enterprises and promoting the use of energy efficient tools at the household level is a strategy developed by WCN to build ways for the marginalized people to generate income while combating climate change.