WCN collaborates with many institutions involved directly or indirectly in protection of environment and natural resources. Over the years, WCN has conducted many programs to develop awareness, sensitize, protect and conserve biodiversity through successful partnerships. Our partners range from civil societies, communities, NGOs, INGOs, Government Departments to Enforcement Agencies.

WCN is also the member of Global Tiger Forum (GTF), Global Tiger Initiative (GTI), IUCN and WCPA

Our local partners in conservation
            Bird Conservation Nepal (BCN)
            Business Universal Development Bank Ltd.
            Cannon – Nepal
            Civil Bank Ltd.
            Conservation and Sustainable Utilization of Wetland of Nepal (CSUWN)
            Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation (DNPWC)
            Department of Education (DOE)
            Department of Forest (DOF)
            Department of Plant Resources
            ECCA Nepal
            FOTO Hollywood
            Himalayan Nature
            Hariyo Ban Program
            IUCN Nepal
            National Trust for Nature Conservation (NTNC)
            Natural History Museum (NHM)
               Nepal Bangladesh Bank Ltd.
               Nepal Ex Police Organization
               Nepal Former Police Council
               Nepal Army
               Nepal Armed Police Force
            Resources Himalaya Foundation
            Team for Nature and Wildlife
            WWF - Nepal Program
            Times FM 90.6 MHz
              Radio Triveni 100.6 MHz
              Hamro Maliga FM, Kailali
           Fulbari FM, Bardia  
              Radion Api FM, Kailali and  many institutions, schools, media houses etc at home and abroad that contribute to protecting endangered species.

Our international partners in conservation
            Blue Moon Fund
            Care for the Wild International
            Danish Forestry Extension
            DANIDA Denmark
            Keidanren Nature Conservation Fund
            Nagao Natural Environment Foundation
            Nordic Climate Facility - Nordic Development Fund
            Planete Urgence
            Rufford Foundation
            Save the Tiger Fund
            Sea World Busch Gardens
            Toyota Foundation
            The Nando Peretti Foundation
            US Fish and Wildlife Services
            Wildlife Trust of India
            Wildlife Protection Society of India