Rhino poacher brought from Malaysia made public

Posted by : wc_nepal

KATHMANDU: Chitwan National Park made rhino poacher and illegal rhino horn trader Raj Kumar Praja public in Chitwan yesterday.

Arrested by Malaysian Police on January 30, 2015, Giri was made public at a press meet in Chitwan. Praja, who identifies himself as Bhakta Raj Giri, was deported to Nepal on February 8, 2015.

Central Investigation Bureau took Praja under control at the airport and sent him to Chitwan National Park on February 9, 2015.

Tikaram Paudel, assistant conservation officer said, “Praja was convicted in six cases and slapped 15 years jail sentence and Rs 100,000 fine in each of the cases. There are nine other cases registered in CNP, where he is currently in custody.”

Responding to mediapersons, Praja said he was involved in poaching 25 Rhinos in Chitwan National Park and the forest area. He said he had managed to cut the horns of 20 rhinos while the others were left wounded. He said he had also sold two more Rhino horns obtained from others.

According to his statement, until 2010, he moved between Kathmandu, Dharan, Gorkha and Pokhara with different identities. In 2010, he obtained citizenship from Gorkha in the name of Bhakta Raj Giri, against which he also obtained a passport.

The same year, he flew to Malaysia with the Passport. In 2011, he applied for a new passport at the Nepalese Embassy in Malaysia and obtained an MRP. On three occasions he had escaped after being rounded up by Chitwan National Park Personnel and Nepali Army.

Upon the request forwarded by Chitwan National Park through Central Investigation Bureau, INTERPOL had issued Red Corner Notice against Raj Kumar Praja in November 2013.