An Afternoon with the Luce Scholar

June 20, 2017

On June 20, 2017, WCN intern and Luce scholar Ms. Jessie Moravek, presented an update to the WCN's research study on Parvati Kunda, Rasuwa that she has been playing a major role in. She also shared her experiences of her stay at WCN. Present during the event were WCN Chair and Board Members, representatives from The Asia Foundation, students, volunteers and representative from Gatlang VDC, Rasuwa. 

The event was organized on the successful completion of her year long internship program at WCN through The Asia Foundation. Ms. Morevak is a US Citizen and a Luce Fellow 2016 of the Henry Luce Foundation.

WCN is conducting a scientific study in the Wetland for the past two years in collaboration with the local organization Parvati Kunda User Committee (PKUC) to establish the present status of the pond. Based on the study , WCN and PKUC will develop and implement a sustainable management plan, for the wetland that is one of the most important drinking water source and religious site of Langtang region after Gosaikunda.

The preliminary results of the study shows high concentration of bojo plant subsequently affecting the pond's vitality and diversity.