Just before the global meeting on climate change started Monday in Doha, Qatar, where thousands including government officials from more than 190 countries have gathered to discuss how to tackle the earth´s rising temperature and its negative effects, a greatly detailed financial analysis has disclosed that the rich nations have failed to fulfill the promises they made in past years to support poor nations.

At a time when climate change is considered a development agenda put forth by various development agencies and donors in developing countries like Nepal, it is necessary to link the issue directly with the empowerment of rural populations who are at the forefront to the negative impacts of climate change, said Shiva Gaunle, chairperson of the Federation of Nepali Journalists, at a programme organised in the Capital on Thursday.

A technical team of the Chitwan National Park (CNP) on Wednesday morning took under control a wild elephant that had been attacking people in the Madi area for the past three months, cut off its two tusks and freed it after attaching a GPS-enabled satellite around its neck.