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Nepal Prakriti Pathshala (NPP) or Nepal Nature School is a special joint venture of WCN and Danish Forestry Extension (DFE) in the field of environment education in Nepal. With the support of DANIDA Denmark in 2008 NPP launched a mobile school that travels across the country offering "On the Spot Awareness raising Trainings" on environmental issues, in line with the existing curriculum in schools, but using alternate integrative methods of teaching. NPP's vision is to fill in the gaps between environment and education, breaking new ground in terms of approach to learning and reaching to all target groups of both formal and informal education mediums and supplementing existing modules formulated by the government and practiced in schools.

Nepal Prakriti Pathshala offers training and outreach programs to teachers, policy makers, actors, media anchors, photographers and people from all backgrounds. Through hands on activities it promotes sustainable use of natural resource management, climate change -its mitigation and adaptation measures, awareness on conservation and many relevant issues.

NPP looks forward to cooperation and collaboration with different partners so that the efforts in environment education in Nepal is consolidated and effective. We welcome your thoughts at npp@wcn.org.np

Events and Workshop

WCN/NPP One Day Rural Mobile Outreach Program at Nuwakot

December 17, 2012

NPP conducted Rural Mobile Outreach program in Nuwakot district on December 9-14,...

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Local Curriculum on Environment launched in Chitwan

October 17, 2012

Wildlife Conservation Nepal (WCN)/ Nepal Prakriti Pathshala (NPP) along with Prakriti Pathshala...

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