Eco Smart School Certification Program - Ace School ,

June 21, 2017
Public speaking of the students of grade 4, 5 and 6 of Ace School on theme Climate Change was realistic and contemporary complimented by Judges of the public speaking competition held on the of occasion successful completion of Eco-smart thematic program- Curriculum based Interactive Environmental Education (CbIEE).  
Since 2015, Ace School have been collaborating with WCN through adopting different thematic program initiated by WCN. CbIEE is second thematic program adopted by Ace school followed by Towards Zero School among the five years five theme based Eco-smart School certification program. It is precious moment to appreciate Ace School for successful completion of CbIEE and continuation of Towards Zero Waste School. 
Congratulation to Ace School and thank you for collaborating with Wildlife Conservation Nepal.