Second Eco Smart School PSC Meet- Launch of Pathshala Karesa Bari

  November 21 2017

The Second NPP Eco-Smart School Program Project Steering Committee (PSC) meeting was held on November 21, 2017. The meeting was attended by the Principals and Teachers of Bina’s Ketaketi Bari, Creative Academy, John Dewey School, Kaastamandap, Triyog High School, Sunrise Boarding School and Ace School. Ms. Sanjeevani Y Shrestha, Program Manager, WCN briefed about WCN’s Education program, Nepal Prakriti Pathshala, and the School Garden concept. She also introduced the “Pathshala Karesa Bari” program, a new program. This is an extension of “Adopt an Area” (yellow star), of the 5 year 5 star Eco-Smart School Certification Program of NPP. The overall objective of this program is to promote eco literacy, livelihood, better eating, nutrition, education and life skill prioritizing experiential education integrating several subjects areas. This program will focus more on food and bring back the focus to sustainable growing. This program will partner with Haver til Maver, a Danish institution. The Principal and teachers shared their experience about the ongoing 5 year 5 Star program (Eco Smart School Program) and also agreed to launch the “Pathshala Karesa Bari”.