Nepal Prakriti Pathshala (NPP), an education program of WCN, focuses on promotion of environmental education and outdoor learning experience in schools.
NPP invites applications for Eco-Smart Projects at school to stimulate the school to focus their efforts, innovative abilities and resources to develop and promote the environment conservation activities and awareness in school so they will be able to improve the level of understanding of students towards the environment issues and protection of biodiversity and contribute to improve the condition of their surrounding environment.

Click on the link below to download the application form:
Application-Form for Eco-Smart School Projects at Schools

Applicants must use the Full Application Format. The deadline for the submission of the application is August 5, 2018.

Upload your application form here:

Eligibility Criteria
1. The application is open for the National Eco-Teacher Network group member school, who had participated on Interactive Environmental Education Training Program conducted by WCN/NPP or WCN’s Eco-Smart member school.
2. The applicant must represents schools (Community based/Private).
3. The proposal should be on environmental issues/biodiversity conservation or any topic related to environment.

Additional Information
1. The applicants should fill the application form given and submit through the link given above by no later than August 5, 2018.
2. Applicants must have participated in the environmental conservation campaign by WCN or any other organizations.
3. Five outstanding proposals will be awarded with NPR 50,000 each.
4. For any queries, write to us at or call us at 01-4289818.

Selection Process
All the projects proposals received during the indicated application period will be evaluated according to qualitative and quantitative criteria by a team of professionals who will then determine if a project is eligible or not. The proposals which are outstanding in nature and are able to combine the interactive and innovative approaches for addressing current environmental issues and biodiversity conservation will be given high preference.
The successful applicants will be notified in October 2018.

The project grant (NPR 50,000) will be awarded to five outstanding and innovative projects. WCN/NPP will host a program for the successful applicants in Kathmandu for award ceremony and exposure visit.

The organization reserves the right to accept/reject the proposals.