Nepal Prakriti Patshala (NPP) is an environmental education program of Wildlife Conservation Nepal (WCN) aimed to contribute to higher awareness and behavioral change towards responsible natural resource use in Nepal by promoting a more hands-on Environmental Education (EE) in schools.

Since 2002, WCN has been working extensively to improve the quality of Environmental Education for children in line with its mission is to involve local communities, civil societies, scientific communities and conservationists in environment protection and sustainable use of natural resources so that the benefits accured from sustainable livihoods and safe environment reaches the grass root level.

NPP in collaboration with DFE, has been actively working in the formal education system supporting the development of the professional capacity of teachers to better impart EE in Nepali schools. NPP works with its highly dedicated and competent team of Nature Interpreters and Volunteers who travel through Nepal in mobile nature school to promote interactive EE and instigate interest among local communities in conservation at local level. It has achieved very good results working directly with more than 600 schools, 200000 students and 700 volunteers. These travels have given WCN invaluable practical experience allowing the team to refine their pedagogy and develop hundreds of activities and teaching materials accessible to all. WCN has implemented it educational programs in environment in 35 districts of Nepal and conducted more than 100 teacher trainings.

WCN works with the Government of Nepal and relevant national and international organisations to promote a timely and modern Curriculum of the 21st century on Environment. It is also dedicated to helping local governments make local curriculum on pertinent local issues including mapping of the local natural and cultural resources. It has supported the development and implementation of the Local Curriculum in Rasuwa and Chitwan since 2008. It has recently in may 2018 signed an MoU with Budhanilkantha Muncipality to do the same. NPP has also supported the Curriculum Development Center to develop the Framework for Local Curriculum in 2014 based on its unique experience in the development and successful implementation of local curriculums.