WCN/NPP One Day Rural Mobile Outreach Program at Nuwakot
December 17, 2012


NPP conducted Rural Mobile Outreach program in Nuwakot district on December 9-14, 2012. Around 400 students from ten different schools participated in the program. During the program, students participated in various hands on activities related to nature and environment while learning about biodiversity conservation, climate change issues and many more environment related matters. To make the program more effective, students were divided into groups and each group comprised of 6-10 members. Each group was facilitated by a NPP team member and at the end of the program the groups shared their day's work to others present so that the students could learn all the other activities.
The feedbacks from the partner schools were positive on the outcome of the outreach program. All the NPP member schools appreciated the program because of its learning by doing and outdoor teaching methodologies and they mentioned that they expected the program on a regular basis.
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