Urban Outreach program in schools of Kathmandu
August 21, 2012


WCN/NPP's Nature School has conducted outreach programs in 10 schools of Kathmandu from July 26th - August 16th, 2012 which includes issues like environment, climate change, energy, resources and waste management. NPP especially develops methodologies that makes learning interesting and hands on.
The one day outreach programs of NPP is divided into different sessions and throughout the day the students were educated on green house effects, climate change issues, global and national biodiversity, carbon footprint and measures that can be applied on an individual level to mitigate climate change. The activities that were conducted are as follows:
- Tree Plantation
- Tree as  Habitat
- Photosynthesis
- Soil erosion
- Transpiration
- Herbarium 
- Green Map
- Water cylce
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