Developing the management plan for small community forest
March 16, 2012

With an objective of building the capacity of NPP Nature Interpreters and volunteers, Ulrik kragh Hansen, forester from Denmark, conducted a four day workshop on an introduction to  the preparation of manual for the management of small community forest. The workshop included basics on the preparation of management plan of the community forest.A group discussion on the possible objectives that could benefit the members of community forest and can be achieved through the management of small community forest was also discussed on the first day. The second day included a field visit to Shree Salambu-Devi Community Forest at Sankhu where groups were made and assigned different plots and necessary observations and calculations were collected by each group. The third and the fourth day were focused on preparing the management plan according to the collected data and each group shared their data in the form of a presentation. The last day also included the participants calculating the carbon stock using the data they collected from Shree Salambu-Devi Community Forest. This workshop provided an overview on how a management plan could be prepared and also provided an insight on how sustainable forests are managed in countries like Denmark.  

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